CFOP Method - Last Layer

Full Last Layer Algs/Tips Playlist

The last layer is solved with algorithms. This makes it seem like brainless memorization, which is misleading. There are advanced techniques including finger tricks, turn speed, and recognition.

2-Look OLL

Recommended: Any level

Orientation of the Last Layer (OLL) solves the top face by applying algorithms.

2-look OLL has 2 steps:

Some of these algorithms were already taught in the beginner method. Other algorithms can be memorized by patterns (which is a common technique for memorizing algorithms) shown in the video.

2-look OLL trainer

2-Look PLL

Recommended: Any level

Permutation of the Last Layer (PLL) solves the cube after the top face is completed.

2-look PLL has 2 steps:

The corner algorithms are long, but very similar to each other. The edge algorithms are quite short and can be memorized visually.

2-look PLL trainer

Full PLL

Recommended for: Sub-45

PLL solves the cube in 1 step after OLL, with a total of 21 algorithms.

You should already know 6 PLLs, and many of the algorithms are very similar to other ones. For example, Jb and F are just modified versions of T. In reality, it's not as hard as memorizing 21 new algorithms would seem.

I recommend learning them slowly (at most 2 per day, and not every day) to avoid forgetting them.

PLL trainer

Full OLL

Recommended for: Sub-25

OLL solves the top face in 1 step, with a total of 57 algorithms.

57 algorithms!? Yes, but the average move count is very low.

You should already know 10 OLLs, and a large chunk of the remaining cases can just be mirrored from other cases.

Many people who know full OLL never intended to learn it all, because 57 sounds bad but it's easier than you'd expect. Most algorithms are made from a combination of short sequences of moves called "triggers", which make the algorithm easier to memorize.

OLL trainer

I recommend learning one shape at a time (there are multiple cases per shape), so you can easily recognize what you've learned. Try selecting the "Show Triggers" option in the trainer to help break down algorithms into smaller chunks!

Last Layer Optimization

Recommended for: Sub-15

This video covers conceps such as:

I recommend getting a baseline of good algorithms and fundamentals as soon as possible, as last layer is something you practice and improve on every solve and can be a significant factor under pressure.