How To Solve a 3x3 One Handed

For basic one handed solving, all you need to learn is how to turn the cube quickly.

In this video I show the fundamental turning techniques and a few example algorithms, but note that it will take a lot of practice and buildling muscle to achieve fast turning.

Getting Faster at One Handed Solving

In this video I talk about tips such as changing F2L solutions, look ahead, and using different moves for the cross.

Most of one handed solving is the same as 2 handed solving, but these factors can still make a huge difference.

One Handed PLL Algorithms

It's worth changing how you do some algorithms for one handed, as the finger tricks that work best for one hand are different than for 2 hands.

Some of the algorithms are the same as for 2 hands, but you can learn some cool finger tricks!

Next Steps

If you practice OH a lot, you will probably average just under double of your regular 3x3 average.

Even though OH is different, the fundamental skills are still the same (look ahead, recognition, avoiding rotations, etc.). It's definitely worth it to keep practicing regular 3x3 even if you want to improve at other events, as 3x3 is one of the puzzles with the highest turn speed potential, and one of the most complex puzzles for you to develop these fundamental skills.

How To Get Faster at 3x3