Rubik's Cube Finger Tricks

Finger Tricks is how you move your fingers to make turns. For algorithms to be as fast as possible, you need to do turns quickly, and don't waste time changing your grip.

Knowing more finger tricks can help you turn more smoothly and quickly. The earlier finger tricks show how you should turn most of the time, and later in the video there are more ways to do moves faster or without regrips.

OLL Finger Tricks

You can watch algorithm videos to learn how to do finger tricks for certain cases. With OLL, it's best to start and end with both thumbs on the front, to make it easier to transition from F2L and transition into PLL.

To train the algorithms, use the OLL algorithm trainer.

PLL Finger Tricks

Since PLL ends the solve, you don't need to worry about the grip after the algorithm like you would with OLL. However, make sure you can AUF (Adjust U Face) quickly after the algorithm is finished, which may require advanced finger tricks.

To train the algorithms, use the PLL algorithm trainer.